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In the United States, a home is burglarized approximately every 14 seconds. That’s a startling number! Four times each minute, the people in one home lose their property and their sense of security. According to the Bureau of Justice, in over 25 percent of break-ins, there is a household member present in the home, which leads to a potentially dangerous situation. Although most burglaries do not involve violence, the chance remains and the emotional and financial toll is extremely high for victims of the crime.

There is good news, however. Burglaries have decreased in many areas over the years, in large part due to advances in security and monitoring systems. As a homeowner or a business owner, there are several common sense things you can do to prevent crime on your property.

  • Install proper lighting. Exterior lighting is key because it draws attention to your property. Motion sensor lights are a particularly good idea, as they alert you and your neighbors to a possible invasion. Variable timers also can help your property seem occupied when it is not.
  • Maintain your property. Of course, you want to make sure locks are in good condition, but also trim back trees or shrubs that block doors and windows, making it easy for someone to hide and wait for the best time to enter. When you’re away, especially for an extended period of time, make sure you don’t advertise it by letting the lawn grow or mail pile up outside the door.
  • Value your valuables. Hide those particularly valuable things away from windows and doors. Don’t leave the box from your new big screen TV sitting at the curb. Use common sense about what you allow to be seen from the street or parking lot.

While these ideas are wonderful preventative measures, many homes and businesses need or want additional protection. Branham Electric has security experts to handle all of your security needs. We can design, install and maintain the most advanced wired and wireless security systems. We have certified system installers, and provide prompt warranty and maintenance service. Our sister company, Branham Burglary and Fire provides all your alarm monitoring needs. We have strong partnerships with quality vendors, such as, which will protect you during interruptions in power or Internet service and even if your security panel is destroyed. Peace of mind and convenience are at hand with a mobile app that allows you to check in on your home from your smartphone or computer, as well as real time notifications sent according to your wishes.

People often think that monitoring like this is out of their reach, and only available to the very wealthy. Think again! Security Monitoring through Branham begins at just $18.00/month. Safety and peace of mind are well within your ability to provide. Call us today for your FREE Security Assessment – 636-926-2002.

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Branham Electric Customer for Years

Branham Electric Customer for Years