Residential Electrician St. Louis

There is a time and a place for everything. While there are many circumstances where you can use common sense to solve residential electrical problems, there are times that calling an electrician in St. Louis is the best move. The attached article is written by Jerry Alonzy, a.k.a. The Natural Handyman. It is a thoughtful article  that is written by a do- it-yourselfer discussing when to use an electrical contractor.

Small Electrical Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

Throughout my 35+ years doing home repairs, I have learned much about electricity and electrical repairs. Most electrical work around the home is fairly easy in a technical sense. Bend a wire, tighten a screw, wrap a little electrical tape, etc. Oops… don’t forget to turn off the power! You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to do any of this.Give credit where credit is due… a licensed electrician has expertise way beyond a typical homeowner’s.  He is a master at determining the wiring needs of a particular home or business.  He makes sure all wiring and fixtures comply with applicable electrical codes.  His job, in short, is to provide your home with adequate power in the safest way possible. Read more

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