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Branham Electric Awarded New Slurry Pump Installation at Columbia Bottoms

Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area is an Army Corps of Engineers’ property located directly off the Mississippi River in Bellfountaine Neighbors, Missouri. This land is a prime water fowl area on many species’ migration path. The Army Corps utilizes the slurry pump at its Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area to flood the land on an annual basis to accommodate the water fowl’ migration needs.

 Scope of Work:

  • Demo existing conduit and pumping system in pit area (40 feet below ground level) and connecting upper platform (25 feet above ground level)
  • Design/build, supply and installation of support structure for new electrical system utilizing 6 inch rigid conduit from pump pit to upper deck
  • Supply and installation of 6 inch galvanized conduit from pump pit to upper platform
  • Supply and installation feeder circuits to power pump
  • Supply  and installation of disconnects, power and motor control wiring for manual starters

 “This project on the surface looks relatively simple. But when you begin dealing with the multiple levels, confined space and size of the material it becomes much more complex. Branham Electric did an excellent job making sure that their installation was on schedule and wiring was in place when we needed it. Their quality of workmanship and service was excellent.” –Alvin Haugen, Kingston Environmental

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